Ivy Library Launches Licking County Library Marketing Plan and Design System

Licking County Library marketing plan and branding by Ivy Library

Ivy Library, The Ivy Group’s library division, is pleased to announce the implementation of a system-wide marketing planning initiative and brand refresh for the Licking County Library System (LCLS).

Start with the Facts

In close collaboration over the course of one year, Ivy Library and LCLS conducted qualitative and quantitative research on the programs and services the library offers.

In developing the strategic plan, the team:

  • Conducted a market segmentation and lifestyle analysis using Census data and Nielsen insights;
  • Gathered input from 820 households through telephone surveys;
  • Facilitated 12 executive interviews with community leaders; and
  • Conducted a design and communications audit to evaluate the Library’s promotional publications and collateral.

Work Toward a Plan

With the audit and solid information about the demographics and lifestyles of LCLS’s primary market as jumping off points, The Ivy Group drafted a research-based marketing plan detailing a comprehensive program of branding, outreach, and communications designed to optimize the Library’s presence in and influence on its primary marketplace.

Through their research, Ivy Library identified nine strategic priorities on which the marketing plan focuses:

  • Marketing management
  • Social media development
  • Penetration through collaboration
  • New card holders
  • Registered card holders
  • Technology leadership
  • The virtual library branch
  • Downloadables
  • Summer reading

For each priority, Ivy Library outlined a specific plan of action. For example, “marketing management” addressed the Library’s need to systematize its program and conform to brand standards. For a more organized and cohesive marketing program, Ivy Library recommended that the Library model a tactical plan of marketing activities and assignments, to be made accessible to all relevant staff members and managed by a designated point person.

“It’s no coincidence that the word ‘campaign’ is used by both military and marketing teams—both involve the tactical implementation of smart strategy.” - Pam Fitzgerald, Managing Partner, The Ivy Group

Finish with Branding Flair


Licking County Library system logo
Licking County Library logo (existing logo)

The original tagline, Serving Newark and Licking County Since 1908 was retrospective at best, stodgy at worst. The other tagline that appeared from time to time in publications—Innovate, Educate, and Inspire—was institution-centric and implicitly patronizing (as in we, the Library, innovate; we educate; and we inspire).

To position the Library as welcoming, dynamic, optimistic and forward thinking in a community where a shifting economic bedrock raises fears about the future, Ivy Library suggested a more versatile and energetic tagline that speaks to individual and community aspirations:

Licking County Library tagline "Hello tomorrow" designed by Ivy Library
Licking County Library System tagline

This sense of optimism and a desire to uplift the community informed the brand refresh and new design system. Stephen Burden created a more vibrant color palette and sample design applications to complement the existing library logo, including a website homepage, newsletter, and bookmobile poster template.

Licking County Library newsletter designed by The Ivy Group
LCL Updated Newsletter

A key application involved the redesign of a complicated bookmobile schedule that was crowded and uninspiring, but critically important, especially to residents of more remote areas of the County. Ivy Library designed a bookmobile schedule template to allow the library to easily update bookmobile stops every month in an eye-catching, easy-to-read format consistent with the library’s brand.

Licking County Library bookmobile art designed by The Ivy Group
LCL Bookmobile Schedule: Before (left) and After (right)

With a research-based marketing plan and a refreshed brand, Licking County Library was ready to greet tomorrow.

About Licking County Library

Founded in 1908, Licking County Library serves a population of approximately 120,000 in Newark and Licking County, Ohio. The library supports lifelong learning and fun learning experiences with six branches, an active bookmobile, and a 24-hour “library in a box” headquartered at Central Ohio Technical College. For more information, visit lickingcountylibrary.info.