New Website for Us

The Ivy Group is a full-service marketing agency

This Isn’t Our First Rodeo…Or Pair of Shoes

Putting simply, it was time for the cobbler’s children to get new shoes. We launched our redesigned and custom developed (all in-house!) site earlier this year (January 6, 2016 to be precise). Over the course of the company’s history, has undergone at least 5 major updates (scroll down for a blast from the past).

Can’t Lose Site of Our Reputation

The old site was designed to be a classic, long-lasting site, however it wasn’t doing The Ivy Group justice on mobile devices. The site was tweaked to be technically mobile responsive in 2013, but lost all of its character on smaller devices. We’ve launched some pretty impressive sites lately (if we do say so ourselves), such as, and, but our own site also needed to be proof of our web development capabilities.

A Pretty, Flirty Workhorse

The creative brief for the website can be summed up as “the little red dress.” Where our last site was more of a little, slightly conservative black dress, we wanted to bring out the fun and flirty (okay, we’ll translate flirty as awesomely alluring creativity) side of the company. We also took this opportunity to play with some web trends, such as looping videos (check out the homepage), Pinterest-style masonry article layouts for our News and Blog pages, and big, beautiful imagery for our Work pages. Most importantly, underneath all the “prettiness” we’ve got a workhorse, a super customized WordPress content management system.

A Work in Progress

Our new Work pages are limited in number. Our goal is to associate each Work portfolio item with a case study… that’s still a work in progress. Prospective clients can still work additional work samples by browsing the BrandDesignLibrary, and Web categories of our News page.

Also a work in progress is getting Google to understand that some of our old pages just don’t exist anymore. We’ve got a ton of 301 redirects in place, but don’t be too disappointed when our Google powered search displays some results that were foiled by the Riddler.

Our Web Advice?

We’re often asked by prospective clients how long their website will last. We usually respond with a 3-5 year, best-guess range. Truly, we can’t anticipate how technology will evolve from year to year, but we can say without a doubt that a well-designed, user-friendly website is the most important marketing tools your company can have. So, don’t let updating your website fall to the side with your own shoe cobbler projects. homepage circa 1996 homepage circa 1996 homepage circa 2012 homepage circa 2012 homepage circa 2010 homepage circa 2010 homepage circa 2004 homepage circa 2004