Website for Society for Public Health Education

Society of Public Health Education website design and development project

We recently redesigned the website of the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE), an organization committed to promoting health of all people through health education. With a tradition of service spanning 66 years, SOPHE needed a contemporary platform that preserved their history while appealing to today's students and corporate sponsors. The Ivy Group delivered a new custom-designed, mobile responsive site backed by WordPress.

In Their Own Words

Here's what Brigitte Johnson, APR, MSM, Health Communications & Technology Manager at SOPHE, had to say about working with us:

"Working with The Ivy Group was one of the best experiences in my career. They spent the time and effort getting to know our organization and our members. They recognized the challenge in developing a website to meet all our objectives--and they succeeded. The Ivy Group adheres to deadlines, but is flexible when a client needs extra time with planning and implementation. They also are extremely helpful in making customizations to a website without a lot of advance notice. The Ivy Group offers excellent training and provides the tools the client needs to manage their website. And finally, they value the relationship they build with their clients. They are always available to answer questions and help with other projects. I highly recommend The Ivy Group and I cannot wait to work with them again."

Getting the Look for an Established, Yet Progressive Association

The new look began with a fresh color palette and user-centric site architecture.

SOPHE kept its "brand" blue, but collaborated with The Ivy Group on a color palette that was adult and academic while fresh and accessible. Using SOPHE's blue and salmon pink--a nod to the academic regalia hood color for public health education--our designers merged modern with traditional in both the color palette and site presentation.

Traditionally, users look for a navigation bar at the top of the page. With a mobile-first mentality, we placed the navigation bar to the left of the content on desktops to enable the user to scroll through eye-catching content while maintaining easy access to other pages.

New pages | Website design for SOPHE
With the new newsroom SOPHE can share updates with visitors without having to rely on linked PDFs.

Balancing Unique with Usable

SOPHE users are diverse with varying levels of familiarity with technology. Between the users and the unique layout, it was critical that the site structure be intuitive. (A website is useless if users can't find what they're looking for!) The Ivy Group consulted on page hierarchy and content and provided some initial guidance on developing an organization content style guide.

In building the site, we also provided flexibility to the site's content managers by using core modules, advertising options, and a site-wide banner.

Site-wide alert banner developed for SOPHE
The site-wide banner option allows for ever-changing news alerts.
Resources page | Website development for SOPHE
SOPHE visitors now have a central place to browse categorized resources. Site managers can also add a grouping of resources to individual pages with a click of the mouse!

Out with the Old

Old site
The SOPHE homepage before the site redesign.