Connecting with Customers By Telling Stories

What happened before what happened in Vegas? A creative brainstorming session—that’s what! And before that, strategy sessions. And before that, market research.

To become a part of everyday conversation, advertising has to engage, persuade, entertain, cajole, motivate—all at the same time. Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, digital and media specialists craft messages, execute design and secure placements that will have customers beating a path to your doorstep (or website).

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Advertising Strategy

Crafting an advertising campaign is all about the details. From creative briefs to competitive analysis to full-blown multimedia campaigns, we do it all.


We take pride in our copywriting and editing, carefully crafting and massaging your advertising copy until it clearly, accurately and memorably communicates your message.

Design and Production

Great ideas are worthless if they can’t be translated into reality. Our experienced designers integrate creativity and technology to produce award-winning print, online, radio, and television ads.

Media Buying and Placement

The success of your advertising campaign depends on a combination of the most appropriate traditional and social media outlets to reach your audience. We’ll tap our knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the most effective campaign at the best price.


The work doesn’t stop once the ads are placed. The Ivy Group will work with you and our advertising partners to analyze the success of your campaign and make adjustments and recommendations as needed.

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