The Halls Are Alive with the Sound of Music

On-brand, professionally-produced videos that drive sales don’t just fall out of the sky. They take planning, open communication between sales and marketing, and a really fancy camera.

Our studio sits at the end of a long hall. (You can tell when you’ve arrived because of the soccer net.) More often than not, there will be a sign on the door: “Quiet. Genie at work.” It’s not just the end of the hall; it’s the editing room, the last stop before broadcast is…broadcast! This is where words and images are animated and music finds its bed. All the research and strategy, the creative brainstorming, casting, and shooting are transformed into digital magic or detritus on the cutting room floor. Such is the power of the editor!

The Ivy Group has built a reputation for excellent broadcast communications that deliver messages to targeted audiences with clarity and verve. Our writers create high-performance copy and, in close collaboration with graphic designers, animators, and video specialists, seamlessly integrate branding, information and positioning. Call to learn more about our in-house audio and video production. Or wander down the end of the hall for a spirited game of wiffle hockey.