Public Relations

Get the Word Out

Our library consulting team is available to train, coach, or manage any and all phases of communications--from the first strategy session to the last press release. We integrate the best thinking with communications technologies and social media to make sure your messages speak directly to your chosen audiences.

We create communications programs that build credibility and reputation within well-defined groups. and partnership opportunities that generate goodwill, convey important information, correct misperceptions, reinforce positioning, and promote brands. We haven't yet sold ice to penguins...but then we haven't been asked!

The scouts had this one prepared!

Organizations that handle short-term crises with confidence, knowledge, grace, and calm have an advantage. The Ivy Group presents workshops that identify critical issues and suggest techniques for communicating with the media. We also coach librarians on before-it's-too-late strategies that prevent the unexpected from becoming public relations catastrophes. And, if the worst happens, we're with you every step of the way.