Every brand has a story to tell

And every great story rings true with its intended audience. The voice is authentic, and the themes resonate. The Ivy Group serves clients near and far with strategic marketing, website development, public relations and print and digital communications services. We'd like the opportunity to tell your brand's story. We welcome inquiries, return calls promptly, and enjoy making new friends.

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To help communities thrive.

Since our founding in 1989, The Ivy Group has collaborated with a variety of organizations to develop strategies, branding, marketing, and outreach programs that address business and social challenges. Our work has meaning beyond its impact on the client. As both employer and engine of business advancement, The Ivy Group’s work contributes to a community’s economy and quality of life. When our clients succeed, communities succeed.


Intentional problem-solving

We approach challenges thoughtfully and creatively, thinking before we act, working through issues, and incorporating qualitative and quantitative information into deliberate and actionable strategies.


We operate with the client’s needs and best interests in mind. We are conscientious, considerate, and trustworthy.


Our connections are built on mutual respect, trust, fairness, and open communication. We invite input and seek alternative perspectives—acknowledging that nobody ever knows it all—actively and patiently listening and responding thoughtfully. Internally, we step in to help each other, fill gaps on projects when needed, and hold regular team meetings.

Standards of excellence

We strive to do the best work possible. We hold ourselves to high standards and explore ways to deliver better. When differences arise, we advocate for our recommended approach, recognizing that at times the client’s preference may dictate otherwise.

Continuous learning

We believe in lifelong on-the-job learning. We encourage new ideas, seek the latest information, and explore ways to improve. We invest in our team’s continuing education. We believe that shared knowledge improves the quality of our work product and our service to customers.


We are well-intentioned, friendly, caring people who enjoy working together in an accommodating environment. Doors are open, success is recognized, and milestones are celebrated.


We do great work for good partners. We work with committed teams that believe in what they are doing. They positively impact their communities, whether those exist as physical locales or as a collective of like-minded individuals. From libraries to not-for-profits, from manufacturers to professional service firms, from entrepreneurial start-ups to established enterprises—our clients rely on us for strategic thinking, timely response, breakthrough creative, and pinpoint execution. And we deliver. The best client-agency relationships are built on trust and teamwork: our clients have confidence in our talents and integrity, and we rely on their guidance. Together, we leverage the power of imagination and collaboration. And, while work should be challenging, it also can be fun. In fact, we’ve found that it’s only fun if it’s challenging.


A career with The Ivy Group offers many opportunities to think creatively, optimize skills, and grow professionally. We foster a sense of community and a dynamic environment that rewards creative problem-solving, responsive customer service, and entrepreneurialism. As a growing company, we are always looking for talent—we may not have an opening today, but we welcome resume and cover letter submissions.

Meet the Team

  • Denise B. Prince
    Denise Prince

    Owner & Managing Director
  • Pam Fitzgerald Charlottesville Marketing Consultant
    Pam Fitzgerald

    Co-Founder & Senior Consultant
  • Julia A. Prince
    Julia Prince

    Director of Strategy & Operations
  • Franziska L. Matiuk
    Franziska Matiuk

    Creative Director
  • Kathy Kildea
    Kathy Kildea

    Marketing Manager
  • Stephen Burden Charlottesville Graphic Designer
    Stephen Burden

    Senior Designer
  • Kristen Koch
    Kristen Koch

    Copywriter & Social Media Manager
  • Leslie Floyd Padilla
    Leslie Padilla

  • Landon Dorrier Charlottesville Web Programmer
    Landon Dorrier

  • Jan Garrison Charlottesville Marketing Firm Office Adminstrator
    Jan Garrison

    Office Manager
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