Agency-client relationships

Agency-Client Relationships

Franziska Matiuk
Put a ring on it: 4 tips for successful agency-client relationships Becoming the agency of record for a company can feel a lot like getting married. …

I Resolve To…

Landon Dorrier
How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Take a look at The Ivy Group’s I Resolve project! To kick off his resolution, senior graphic designer Stephen stepped …
Sexism in Advertising: You mean a woman can open it?

How to Avoid Sexism in Advertising

Emily Burlingame
At one of my first jobs out of school, I was tasked with writing copy for a Super Bowl-themed date night promotion. The first lines on …
LinkedIn for B2B Business Development

LinkedIn for B2B Business Development

Julia Prince
LinkedIn offers an entire suite of features to make your job easier. It’s the Facebook of the professional world and a business developer’s dream. Follow …
Blog about how much websites cost

What Does a Website Cost?

Franziska Matiuk
Website development costs are a matter of hours, determined by the complexity of the site's design and functionality. The website price depends on how long it will take our highly skilled designers and programmers to deliver a quality product that meets your (and your customers’) needs.

Only in Des Moines During a National Election

Greg Heid
It’s political season and Greg Heid, Library Director, Des Moines (IA) Public Library recounts his primary experience.
Targeted Consumer Segmentation: too hard, too soft, just right.

Targeted Marketing: Find Your “Just Right” Audience

Julia Prince
Successful marketing campaigns are built on a data-driven understanding of customers. By applying customer segmentation analysis to customer lists, business-to-consumer enterprises can better understand where they stand in the market, who to go after, and how to reach them.
WordPress tips blog

How To Develop A Client-Friendly WordPress Dashboard

Landon Dorrier
To guide clients through website management and mitigate problems before they ever arise, here are the 3 biggest things you can do to make your WordPress dashboard client friendly.

And the Answer Is…

Pam Fitzgerald
Planning is responding to challenges, changing market conditions, new technologies, etc. But long before the research review, the brainstorming and whiteboarding, crafting and drafting, did the planners ask the really tough questions?
music production at The Ivy Group

Music is My Marketing Mistress

Chris Fitzgerald
Creating original music for commercials is a service we offer exclusively to clients. Original music is a valuable tool in marketing and advertising. It is a great outlet for promotion and/or self-promotion (shameless or otherwise). What better way for people to remember you or your product than by having your riffs drift through their ears into their minds and hearts?

Don’t Let Your Website Become Just Another Statistic

Landon Dorrier
Most problems with website and UX design can be caught with a minimal amount of testing, thus saving you time and money in the long run. Don’t let your website become just another statistic— invest in web testing to prevent costly fixes (and unhappy online visitors!) in the future.
Charlottesville, VA downtown pedestrian mall

Building a Better Community With “Cvillity”

Pam Fitzgerald
More than a concept, Cvillity is a movement forward toward a community of greater mutual aid and respect. Cvillity means upholding and encouraging the standards that have made Charlottesville such a wonderful city to call home.
Equal Pay Day

The Bottom Line on Equal Pay Day

Pam Fitzgerald
Today is Equal Pay Day. Yes, we have a day for everything. And most matter. And this day matters most. The National Partnership for Women and Families reports that women are paid 79 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to many thousands of dollars annually. For African American women and Latinas, the disparities are even greater.
Facebook post makeovers

Facebook Post Makeovers

Julia Prince
Here’s how to easily vamp up your Facebook posts to make them more engaging, entertaining, and accessible to a larger organic audience.
Top 10 Books recommended by Pam Fitzgerald in 2014

Pam’s Top 10 Reads

Pam Fitzgerald
Partner Pam Fitzgerald shares her favorite books that she read in 2014.