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The Difference between Focus Groups and Surveys: Evaluating Your Options for Library Assessment

Engaging the community The best public library strategic plans and community needs assessments result from bringing people together to build a shared vision. You get there …
Now Hiring Content Manager/Copywriter

Join Our Team as Content Manager/Copywriter

AGENCY SEEKS CONTENT MANAGER. The Ivy Group seeks a writer who is equal parts creative and critical to masterfully balance style with substance. The Content …
Ivy Group now hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

[Closed] Join Our Team as Digital Marketing Specialist

This entry-level position will be responsible for collaborating with clients and Ivy's in-house team to strategize, create, and oversee digital marketing campaigns. The ideal candidate …
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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Library Consultant

You've decided to hire a consultant for your library's strategic plan. But how do you identify the right library consultant for your project?
Now Hiring Library Consultant

[Closed] Join our team as Library Consultant

About The Ivy Group Since The Ivy Group’s founding in 1989, we have collaborated with over 100 libraries and library support organizations to develop effective strategies, …
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Small Library Strategic Planning: Our Expedited Engagement Process

We created the Expedited Engagement Process to better serve public libraries with tight timelines for their strategic planning. It's a natural fit for libraries that: Have …
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The Value of a Fully Custom Website

Web developers are really offering two different services. One configures a website from an off-the-shelf template. The other builds a fully-custom site. Here's why you should opt for fully-custom web development.
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Do You Need a Library Consultant for your Strategic Plan?

We could wax lyrical about the benefits of strategic planning. It achieves so many goals which elevate your Library's service to its community. You already know …

Welcome, Mark and Melissa!

As the Ivy Group continues to grow, we’re welcoming a new Copywriter and Marketing Manager to the team. We sat down with The Ivy Group’s latest additions to find out what makes them tick.

Why Work with a Marketing Agency?

There are many reasons: cost, expertise, scalability, and fresh perspective. You'll want to consider all of these in making the best decision for your organization.
Ivy Group now hiring Copywriter

[Closed] Join our team as Copywriter

AGENCY SEEKS COPYWRITER. The Ivy Group seeks a writer who is equal parts creative and critical to masterfully balance style with substance. The copywriter will …
Ivy Group now hiring Marketing Manager

[Closed] Join our team as Marketing Manager

AGENCY SEEKS MARKETING MANAGER. As a small and mighty full-service agency, The Ivy Group seeks an individual who confidently wears multiple hats, nimbly pivots from …
Scrabble letters spell Marketing buzzwords worth knowing

Marketing Buzzwords Worth Knowing

Buzzwords come and go and no one likes jargon, so we tend to use plain English whenever possible. But for those times when nothing but the popular marketing phrase will do, here’s how we define them.
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Ivy Group Welcomes A New Era With Rebrand

Growth is a guiding theme that influences everything we do for our clients, ourselves, and the communities we serve. The new Ivy icon symbolizes growth and the many pathways to achieve it, shown through both the solid shapes and the whitespace between.

Show Your Competence Not Your Age: Ivy Brand Evolution

Ready to rebrand? Need to redesign your website? We've been there ourselves...a few times. Let's take a jaunt down memory lane!