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The Making of an Ivy Group Star: It was Monday morning, and I was trying to figure out what to wear for work. (Since I can't wear PJs to work, that's a pretty standard weekday occurrence.) But this particular Monday was different: I was last-minute searching on Google for "what to wear for camera filming," since it was the first day of filming for a new Ivy Group television commercial. Turns out, patterns are a no-no because they create a moiré effect onscreen. (Think optical illusion.) And who knew cameras have a hard time picking up the color red? So, off I went to work--fully dressed--armed with a very basic understanding of filming.

Luckily, our production specialist, Chris Fitzgerald, has a much better understanding of the art, so we didn't have to worry about camera angles, lighting, sound, focus, white balance, subject positioning, etc. All we were thinking was, "How do I look?"

Personally, I had a giggle attack. I had just had my makeup done, I was in a comfortable setting with a rainbow of colors behind me, and Chris fed me all the lines. Piece o' cake, and lots of fun. (Now, does that mean I want to watch the finished product and hear my voice? No way!) Participating in the video production process was a new experience for most of us Ivy Groupies, so I had to ask the rest of them, "What was your experience like?"

Leslie Floyd

While saying my lines all I could think was, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. Covergirl.”
~Leslie, Web Programmer

Ellen Roberson

I'm not used to being stationary for that long. I didn't realize I was squeezing my toes so hard that my feet fell asleep! Also, I don't think I've ever had so much makeup on in my life...except maybe when I was 14.
~Ellen, Project Manager and Quality Assurance

Bobby Pearson

I have a bit of respect now for news anchors. It was hard not to mug for the camera. I'm... Ron Burgundy?
~Bobby, Web Programmer and System Administrator

Katie Falcone

It was nice to get away from the computer screen and just be a ham, since I'm fully trained from my involvement in my local children's theater circa 1998... even if I was just an understudy.
~Katie, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


I had 2 goals--don't fall down the stairs and don't forget my lines. At least I didn't fall down the stairs.
~Chris A., Public Relations Manager

Chris Fitzgerald

Filming is a lot of work, but I wanted it to be fun for everyone involved. So the jokes were flying. Adding visual interest to plain white walls with creative background lighting was also fun. But, the best part of being behind the camera is making faces at people in front of the camera!
~Chris F., Video and Production Specialist

Stephen Burden

My only thought was that show business was not for me. Though my mama did always say that I was her little superstar, I ended up on the cutting room floor.
~ Stephen, Graphic Designer


That's all folks!

Watch for our commercial on WVPT, running on Sundays at 1pm before The Miller Center Forums. Outside the WVPT viewing area? Check your local listings--the program is seen on 120 PBS affiliate stations nationwide.

TIG-PBS-WEB from The Ivy Group on Vimeo.

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