Building a Better Community With “Cvillity”

Cvillity is an idea that came to my friend, Charlottesville realtor David Sloan, as he walked the Downtown Mall. He noticed that nobody was saying "hello" to others as they made eye contact. He asked me, "What has happened to the Charlottesville I grew up in--where people smiled, waved, said please, thank you, and stopped to let you cross the street?"  My experience, driving in from Batesville on I 64 is that road rage is all too common, and that if drivers would just "let it go" when they are cut off in traffic or don't like the way the other guy is driving, we would all be safer.

Smile. Wave. Please.
Thank you. Let it go.

Out of experiences like these grew the pass-it-forward idea of Cvillity.

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly, inclusive community--we were voted America's #1 Happiest and Healthiest City. And we are indeed fortunate. But...there also live among us people who are struggling as well as newcomers to town who are still finding their way.

Ultimately, the real "happiness and health" of a community is measured by how we treat each other. As disparities continue to disconcert and challenge us and as our population expands, we need to reach out to each other in ways that don't cost a dime, but can reap a wealth of good will in return.

Cvillity is all about building a better community, treating each other with kindness, respect, and compassion. Ultimately, this behavior, we believe, will raise the level of discourse about our most troubling issues.

Cvillity is a modest (and voluntary) initiative to encourage, recognize, and reward neighborly behavior, civic engagement, and community values. Cvillity is courtesy, friendliness, altruism, reaching out, volunteering, being the very best we can be.

More than a concept, Cvillity is a movement forward toward a community of greater mutual aid and respect. Cvillity means upholding and encouraging the standards that have made Charlottesville such a wonderful city to call home.

We invite all who call this part of the world home to practice Cvillity and to recognize and celebrate Cvillity. Next time that someone cuts you off in traffic, let it go. When you see someone walking down the street, please smile, wave, say hello. And to all who support these simple everyday courtesies...we say thank you!

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