Love Your Library Month

February is Love Your Library Month! How can you show your love for your local public library?

You could…

  • Write a library love letter to the editor of your local paper (or your elected representative).
  • Join the Friends group (or pledge to get more involved).
  • Bake a treat for library staff.
  • Read. Read. Read.
  • Introduce a non-user to the library (be creative here).
  • Volunteer.
  • Put the next public hearing about the library's budget on your calendar.

If you love your work in a library...

  • Spread the word. Issue a proclamation!
  • Promote your romance collection.
  • Offer a candy heart to patrons.
  • Offer an amnesty on overdue fines.
  • Organize a "love your library" fundraiser.
  • Find a special way to thank your volunteers.
  • Remind yourself why you first fell in love with your profession.