I Resolve To…

I Resolve sign

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Take a look at The Ivy Group’s I Resolve project!


To kick off his resolution, senior graphic designer Stephen stepped out of the box with a Buddha Board and melodica!

“I resolve to not let the fear of failure stop me from learning and doing something new and accept the freedom that I’ll suck at it, with the hope that soon I’ll suck less at it.”


“I resolve to…protect my eyes,” says Siska, Project Manager at The Ivy Group.
“There’s no way around it. I stare at a computer screen for the majority of the work day. I’ve ordered some non-Rx glasses to combat blue light and eye fatigue.”

Siska got Eyezen lenses from EyeBuyDirect. She was inspired by these 10 tips from AllAboutVision.com on how to reduce computer eye strain.


Ellen, our project manager, works tirelessly… and that’s why she says, “In 2017, I resolve to eat lunch.”

Thank’s Bodo’s Bagels for helping Ellen with her goal!


Web developer Landon says, “I resolve to dedicate time to learning new things…starting with JavaScript.”


Leslie, our web developer and programmer, resolves to stay organized in the new year: “I’m going to clean up my desktop icons and improve some of my keyboard shortcuts.”


Our wonderful office administrator Jan stepped up to the plate (literally!) with her New Year’s Resolution: “I resolve to walk more and get up from behind my desk every hour.”


Graphic designer Emily resolves to grow as an artist: “I resolve to read one book on design every month of 2017.”


Project manager Julia resolves to “be flexible with work spaces” by getting a laptop and working in different areas (and in different positions) around the office.

Luckily, we have plenty of seating and standing room here at the Ivy Group!




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