Jolly Holly! Photo Blog of The Ivy Group’s 2012 Holiday Party

One of the great things about The Ivy Group is that we are a small company. So, when we have a holiday party, it is not your typical buttoned-up, after-hours, stuffy office obligation. There aren't hundreds of people you've never laid eyes on; it isn't first-come, first-served; and you certainly don't have to pay to attend. (We heard this horror story from an Ivy Group spouse.)

At The Ivy Group, we are more than just a team. Each of us interacts with one another every single day. We laugh. We have inside jokes. We know each other's families. We know each family's inside jokes! And we love a good reason to all come together when talking shop doesn't have to get in the way.

Every year at this time, Nancy and Jim Davis trek down from Pennsylvania, and Pam and Charly Fitzgerald open their home to the whole gang for some real holly jolly. It's some of the best blobbing-out with "family" and friends that any of us do all year. Fantastic food! Quality (re)gifts!

On behalf of all of us Ivy Groupies, I thank Pam and Nancy for partnering to create the company, and from Day One, caring for all of us. (Also, thanks to Jan Garrison keeping everything running smoothly. That previous engagement of hers, however, put a real dent in this year's party fun. Hope whoever she was with appreciated her like we do!)

Here are some of the best photos from this year's holiday gathering. Check out more at our Facebook album.

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