Rumor has it… Will Facebook charge?

"Facebook is and always will be free." So saith Facebook. Sworn statements. Vows. Do you believe it?

Here are comments (and hairbrained theories) floating around:

  • "Like any addictive substance, Facebook's pushers are getting us hooked so that we will have to pay big time."
  • "Facebook is the public arena. It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, etcetera.”
  • "Facebook is the military industrical [sic.] complex wearing hippie beads."
  • "Just another pretty face...says one thing, does another."
  • "I pay $19.95 a month to access the Internet. Facebook is not free."
  • "Without free access to Facebook, there would have been no Arab Spring."
  • "Remember when bubble gum was two cents? What do you pay for gum these days?"
  • "Anything worth having is worth paying for."
  • "... no way we poor people will pay hey admin what about the poor people who use this"
  • "Facebook is funded by the adds [sic]."
  • "It might be a way to pay off the national debt."