Branchlands Senior Living

An Ivy Group marketing client since 2008, Cambridge Healthcare Management and The Ivy Group go way back. Our partnership over the years includes countless successful projects to promote Cambridge’s retirement and rehabilitation facilities. Since the sale of several properties in 2018, our focus has been exclusively on Branchlands, a senior living facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Showcasing the Branchlands Community Online

The website refresh boasts a straightforward, friendly design that is easily accessible by older audiences. Integrated with WordPress, content management is a breeze for the Branchlands team. The site also features a Facebook feed to share news and goings-on from the community.

Website design for senior living community

Marketing Management

Even though the need is growing, assisted living and memory care facilities operate in a highly competitive and regulated marketplace. Margins are slim, service expectations are high, and the population of "heads on beds" must be sustained through consistent and highly targeted communications. To prospective residents and their families and caregivers, quality of life and amenities are measured against those of resort-style living, even when affordability is an issue.

Campaigns such as "Living life to the fullest" differentiated Branchlands from competitors, sustaining high levels of occupancy and pre-sales at Linden House, the adjacent assisted living and memory care community that opened in 2018. We manage all facets of marketing and media planning, website development, social media management, on-site photo and video shoots, and radio and television commercial development.

Special Campaigns
Microsite design for Glen Campbell movie screening for Alexandria Memory Care Center

Movie microsite interior page developed for Cambridge by The Ivy Group

The Ivy Group assisted management in promoting their free screening of Glen Campbell's I'll Be Me to spread awareness on the effects of Alzheimer’s. Promotion of the 1,000 seat event included public relations, microsite development, and event advertising. With a boost from the film screening's positive publicity, Cambridge's Woodbine facility received approval to proceed with the construction of a new memory care facility in Alexandria.

The Ivy Group was also tasked with planning and executing a media plan for promoting Branchlands, an independent living community on 26 acres in the center of Charlottesville. Part of the marketing plan included a budget for a re-designed, mobile site.