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Blue Ridge Builders Supply's new website

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build It.

Contractor or DIY-er, you'll appreciate the updated Blue Ridge Builders Supply website. We re-imagined the site as sophisticated but accessible, appealing to homeowners and builders alike.

Graphic design for local building supply co

The Right Tool for a Local Builders Supply and Home Improvement Business

Blue Ridge Builders Supply is an established business in an area of both residential and rental property growth. The transition from the "local hardware" to recognition as a "design center" needed the right tool--a website.

The redesign features a fresh color palette, clean lines, and concise wording in keeping with a "design center." In browsing the website, a customer knows before walking into a location which national brands are available as well as which services, such as professional design consultations.

Pssst! Did you know that there's an enormous showroom on the second floor of the Crozet store? And an expansive showroom at the Charlottesville location? Go check them out!

Graphic design for local building supply co

Out With the Old, In With the News

Feature boxes on the former site allowed content to linger too long. To both simplify the design and streamline how content managers update information, we eliminated extraneous modules and developed a single source for store news, sales, blogs, etc. That feed automatically displays on the homepage, the News page, and the 404 error page!

"With the addition of a product-only search to the site-wide search, the new website is not only visually appealing but also provides our customers with an abundance of information about our products and services."
- Diana Stalnaker, Purchasing, Advertising, Marketing, Blue Ridge Builders Supply

Graphic design for local building supply co

20,134 Products and Counting

“I love the typography Stephen chose for the site; however, my favorite feature is behind the scenes: the system we put in place to update over 20,000 products and stock information automatically each night while everyone is sleeping.”
- Landon Dorrier, Lead Project Programmer

The original product inventory only listed items sold at the Crozet location. While Blue Ridge is not ready to jump into the online sales market, the new WooCommerce-based product catalog offers products from both Crozet and Charlottesville stores. Customers can check pricing and quantities which is especially important for contractors on job sites.

Graphic design for local building supply co

Coordinated Design Across All Mediums

The updated site design coordinates with both print and television for a unified Blue Ridge Builders Supply brand identity. In a local economy with big box stores and other competitors, the brand identity is vital.

Print ad design for Blue Ridge Builder's Supply

Print ad design for Blue Ridge Builder's Supply