Library Consulting

Advancing America's Libraries

We bring resources and skills to planning so that libraries can grow, thrive, better serve customers, and engage new audiences. Our consultants work closely with library leadership to arrive at sound plans for programs, facilities, technologies, collections, services, funding, fundraising, advocacy, and marketing.┬áPlanning tools—such as community assessments, executive interviews, benchmarking, trends research, market segmentation, facilities assessments, fundraising feasibility—ensure that libraries make informed decisions that broaden the customer base and engage boards in the library’s success.

Hearing starts with Listening

Each library's circumstances call for unique solutions, and our clients value our customized and creative problem-solving. Our portfolio demonstrates the range and quality of our work. We invite you to call us to discuss your particular library's circumstances and challenges.

Libraries house the American ideal of free and open access to opportunity. Dust off the doormat! Throw open the windows!

Nancy Davis