PR Resolutions to Keep in 2013

Most people made their New Year's resolutions right after the ball dropped in Times Square. But it's never too late to make plans! From the "better late than never" department, below are some public relations twists on traditional resolutions for 2013.

Make news.

A lot of people are taking to the gym this time of year. It's time for you to get moving too. If you don't fit into existing news, make your own. Write a report, have an event, celebrate an anniversary, publish a survey, make some waves, do something nice. There are lots of ways to get media coverage for your organization.  Like all New Year's resolutions, the key is getting started.


A perennial resolution is to meet new people. This is as important in your professional life as it is in your personal life. Make connections. Get out of your office and interact with people--colleagues in the same industry, peers in other areas, members of the media and folks in professional organizations. It matters. It won't get you on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper, but it will establish you as a person to know in your community or industry. And that can come in handy when reporters are seeking someone to interview.

Add a newsroom to your website.

We all have that room, drawer or closet that we swear we're going to organize this year. Before you tackle that, take a look at your website. If you want the media to cover you, don't make them search your site for information. Have an easy-to-find newsroom or "about" page on your website. This page should have background information on your organization and its leaders, your products, locations and history. Include photographs, news releases and links to your social media sites.

Start now.

Procrastination is the enemy of all resolutions. What are you waiting for? Get started planning, connecting, communicating and strategizing. If you do, you'll be well on your way to a successful and promotable 2013.