Sample Logo Updates

As we talked about last week, logo updates can really make a difference.  Take a look for yourself below.

Paul D. Camp Community College logo update

The nonprofit Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population, ASAP, has been a long-time PR client of The Ivy Group. Last year they came to us for a new look. Their request? Keep the growth and plateau concept, but make the logo more youthful and current and pick out a new, brighter color. Their website redesign is in the CMS integration phase and should launch in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

When Paul D. Camp Community College, PDCCC, came to us for website redesign, they wanted the website to look modern and sleek and be easy to use.  Att The Ivy Group we are all about brand consistency, and their old logo would’ve have looked jarring. So we made a few tweaks! See the updated logo at

Another college, Mesalands Community College, MCC, also initially needed website redesign. The college’s current site did not have the functionality they wanted, nor the look, beause MCC is currently in the process of rebranding by selecting school colors. We applied the new school colors and added some dimensionality to the MCC logo. The new website will launch this week at

Wyatt Matas, an investment banking firm, came to us for a high-end boutique website. The website has a lot of layers and dimensionality, so we thought the logo should too! Check out the new site at

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