AccuTec Blades Rebrand

Logo design for AccuTEC Blades

With well-established brands in the blade industry such as American Line, Personna, and GEM in its portfolio, AccuTec Blades is a new company with a long history. AccuTec Blades is the new corporate company name after splitting from Edgewell Blades in 2015.

New Visual Introduction

The company put together a quick logo when it reintroduced itself as AccuTec but leadership knew the visual identity could be furthered and sought out a reputable local marketing firm with whom to partner. Enter, The Ivy Group!

AccuTEC logo redesign by The Ivy GroupDesigner Stephen Burden’s first order of business was to freshen up the logo. The updated logo features clean edges, like a high-quality blade. The redesigned logo marries the concept of accuracy and precision with a techy, industrial look. While blue remains the primary color, Stephen introduced a more vibrant version from the color wheel, pairing it with a cool steel grey and, in some designed pieces, a metallic silver ink.

The Ivy Group Recognized as the Agency of Record for AccuTec Blades

With the sharp, steely logo as the basis of the corporate brand look, The Ivy Group developed AccuTec stationary, office signage, tradeshow displays, and other collateral. With a healthy portfolio of design collateral under our belts, we next turned our attention to developing the marketing strategy for the corporate company and its portfolio of brands.

The most immediate objective was to promote AccuTec’s newest product release, the Gem Runner, a reloadable safety blade dispenser. Gem Runner logo development was a multi-step process involving several iterations. Before trademark restrictions set us down the path of reworking the existing GEM logo, we designed a more energetic logo (see logo concepts below). The final Gem Runner typeface treatment is clean yet spirited and aligned with brand standards.

To showcase the sturdy, efficient product design, we produced a product video in-house, viewable on the Gem Runner microsite. The microsite, designed and programmed in-house, is a stand-alone promotional vehicle that highlights the Gem Runner product in a mobile-responsive format that stimulates inquiries and sales.

AccuTEC-GemRunner-microsite-designUp next, The Ivy Group will begin the major undertaking of redesigning

Design System

original Personna Blades tradeshow booth
Original Personna Blades trade show booth
AccuTEC Blades tradeshow display booth
AccuTec Blades tradeshow display booth
AccuTEC Blades Gem Runner advertisement design
Gem Runner ad in MD&M West program

About AccuTec Blades, Inc.

AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades in global partnerships with manufacturers and distributors of material processing equipment. AccuTec is recognized as a leader in innovative surgical, histology, food, fiber, glass, flooring, and DIY blades and bladed solutions. Headquartered in Verona, Virginia, AccuTec has a second manufacturing facility in Obregon, Mexico.