Clore Furniture

"E.A. Clore Sons, Inc." has crafted heirloom-quality furniture since 1830. Family-owned and -operated for six generations, Clore is an American success story, a celebration of skilled craftsmanship and a commitment to family. A rebrand and targeted marketing program have given Clore the impetus it needs to continue on for generations more.

A crisis averted spurs a forward-facing marketing initiative

In early 2017, Clore faced a crisis: sales had slowed to the point where closing up shop seemed to be the only option. A "going out of business" announcement changed those prospects. Loyal customers overwhelmed the company with new orders, creating an 8-month long backlog.

Taking advantage of the new wave of business, the current generation of Clore management turned to The Ivy Group to reintroduce a refreshed brand.

A marketing plan targets a new generation of consumers

Clore's current customers are discriminating consumers who appreciate artisanal enterprises and skilled craftsmanship.

The best way to find new customers is to better understand the most loyal customers and find more people like them. Through a market segmentation study to better understand Clore's audience, we identified the demographics, lifestyle habits, and media preferences of current customers. After identifying the market segments of those top current customers, we turned our gaze outward to prospective customers, pinpointing areas where they are likely to live and making recommendations for how best to reach them.

This research informed the marketing brief, a document to launch Clore marketing initiatives from a solid foundation of research, messaging, and creative ideas. Clore's marketing brief guides the Clore team to build the brand profile with its current customers while increasing market reach with qualified audiences who are receptive to high-quality handcrafted products.

Messaging outlined in the marketing brief stresses Clore's Virginia heritage and expert craftsmanship, as evidenced by the company's longevity.

The brand gets a dust-off

The Clore name is synonymous with timeless quality, but the logo appeared dated.

The brand refresh resulted in a distinctive, contemporary brandmark that builds on the company's valued heritage as it continues into the twenty-first century. Inspired by a woodblock stamp, the new logo is an homage to the hand craftsmanship for which Clore is renowned.

A technologically outdated website gets an overhaul

Clore's furniture may weather the test of time, but the company's website wasn't keeping up with consumer expectations.

Clore's new site,, was built with both busy content managers and discerning consumers in mind. It’s easy to edit on the back-end and easy to navigate on the front-end. What’s more, the site is content-managed, ADA accessible, browser responsive, search engine optimizable, and searchable.

Through lush photography and suggestive language, the website evokes the Clore "romance" by telling the family story and showcasing both the process and the end products.

New photography of select signature pieces, directed by Ivy Group and shot by Andrew Shurtleff, became the centerpiece of marketing materials and a new website.

Brand roll-out and holiday campaigns re-introduce Clore

Change can be hard, especially for the most dedicated fans. When rolling out the new brand in September 2018, we carefully reassured longtime customers that at Clore, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Clore may have a new logo and a new website, but the furniture is still crafted as it has been since the first generation of Clore.

A digital holiday campaign encouraged prospective customers to "craft your own legacy by inviting Clore artisanship into your circle of family and friends." Special holiday promotions included a limited-edition stool, which was sold out during the 2018 holiday season within an hour!

The next chapter in the Clore Story

Throughout our relationship, we've offered marketing training opportunities to empower the Clore team. Troy and Karen Coppage—the newest generation of the Clore family to manage the business—are now ready to take back the marketing reins.

Karen is leveraging the power of social media to keep in touch and promote new and special offerings. The next chapter of the Clore story has just begun; stay tuned. #clorestory