Show Your Competence Not Your Age: Update Your Logo

“Does my logo need updating?"

If it has more words than design…
If it’s been years since you really looked at it…
If you originally drew it on a napkin…
then the answer is yes!

In a world where logos are as recognizable as brand names, your "brandmark" is an important investment. While some businesses may need a completely new logo to signal a dramatic change in direction, often all a logo needs is a little freshening up to stand out in the marketplace.

Here’s what happend to us: after twenty years with a serviceable logo, we decided in 2010 that we needed to update our brand presentation. A recent trend in logo redesign has been to create a little "eye candy" with a more techy look. While this trend has produced some great looking logos, we wanted to marry the idea of our exceptional technical capabilities (the "techy" look) with our own aesthetic; clean, straightforward, and innovative.  The update looked good.

But, a brandmark is like a living creature, ever evolving. So a few weeks ago we subtly altered The Ivy Group's logo and added some more fluidity.

Hey, it’s only a "nip and tuck." After all, a lady never reveals her age. Why should a logo?

What do you think of the Ivy Group's logo updates? Let us know on our Facebook page.


Category: Marketing
Tags: branding, design