Scrabble marketing buzzwords worth knowing

Marketing Buzzwords Worth Knowing

Buzzwords come and go and no one likes jargon, so we tend to use plain English whenever possible. But for those times when nothing but the popular marketing phrase will do, here’s how we define them.
Marketing You Can Believe In blog

Marketing You Can Believe In

We know that we have used our marketing superpowers for good. And that’s a day’s work you can believe in.

How to Avoid Sexism in Advertising

At one of my first jobs out of school, I was tasked with writing copy for a Super Bowl-themed date night promotion. The first lines …

Only in Des Moines During a National Election

It’s political season and Greg Heid, Library Director, Des Moines (IA) Public Library recounts his primary experience to The Ivy Group.

Music is My Marketing Mistress

Creating original music for commercials is a service we offer exclusively to clients. Original music is a valuable tool in marketing and advertising. It is a great outlet for promotion and/or self-promotion (shameless or otherwise). What better way for people to remember you or your product than by having your riffs drift through their ears into their minds and hearts?

Marketers, Put on Your Thinking Caps: A Imaginative Approach to Understanding Target Audiences

How do you analyze, rationalize, visualize? Even though we are products of a shared culture, the way we think is completely our own—uniquely shaped by our personal experiences.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Keep the Campaign Fresh

We’re having a lot of fun with the campaign “It’s Always a Good Idea.” Thus far, we’ve rolled out a few different scenarios to keep the campaign fresh.

Put Your Brand On The Map

I recently traveled to Kentucky with three of my brothers to tour distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. While enjoying a taste of some fine "sippin' …

What’s the Deal? Your Customer Base is on LivingSocial and Groupon

Before taking the plunge with a daily deal website, consider a few tips from our marketing team.

Invest in Your Company through Advertising

It’s clear that cutting advertising in a down economy is “penny wise and pound foolish.” But even in the best of times, a well-crafted advertising plan is a sound investment in your business.