Building Your Business on Trust

Our role—plain and simple—is to build a bond of trust between clients and their intended audiences. Whether recruiting nurses, publicizing important research, building a web interface or surveying customers (in nine different languages, no less)—regardless of the focus of a project, it’s all about developing authentic and personal bonds.

All Hail the Library Card

We've said it over and over again: public libraries may be under pressure to keep up with technology, but the digital age has only brought …

All I want for Christmas is…a Kindle?

The iPad, the new Amazon Fire and the new NOOK Color tablets are all the rage for technophiles with dollars to spare. They run lively …

Punctuation kills, thrills

Regardless of where you come down on the Great Serial Comma Debate, the thing to remember is this: when writing for a media audience (news releases), use AP style.

Get from Point A to Point B with a Brand Standards Guide

The most complete guides include valuable company information, such as mission, tagline, key messages, target audience(s), editorial style, proper and improper use of the logo and/or brandmark, color palette and font specifications.

Spare Change and Big Bellies

Here's an easy way to get donations at your library. The "big belly banks", available from a variety of sources online, are a fun way …

User interfaces: Classic or clunky?

Our challenge as web developers and designers is to give the user intuitive control over all aspects of the system that they require and no more. The user needs to “feel” in control but also be secure that they won’t mess anything up through ignorance or carelessness.

Rumor has it… Will Facebook charge?

“Facebook is and always will be free.” So saith Facebook. Sworn statements. Vows. Do you believe it?

Invest in Your Company through Advertising

It’s clear that cutting advertising in a down economy is “penny wise and pound foolish.” But even in the best of times, a well-crafted advertising plan is a sound investment in your business.

E-book Mania

In March, we reflected HarperCollins' new e-book policy for libraries. The publisher capped circulations at 26 to howls of protest from librarians. HarperCollins hasn't lifted …

Bring it all together with social media

At The Ivy Group, we like talking “integration”, as in Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC—the strategic coordination of promotional methods (public relations, advertising and sales promotion) to create successful marketing programs. And social media is all about integration.

Paper and Digital

Some thoughts on last week's piece in the New York Times, "Publisher Limits Shelf Life for Library E-Books": Just as telephones did not replace face-to-face conversations, …

Why Market Libraries?

Why market? Librarians used to ask us this question all the time. No has become a common parlance, and librarians are now asking "how"? …

Top 500 Emerging Businesses

The Ivy Group, Ltd. has been selected as one of the Top 500 Emerging Businesses in the United States by Over 650,000 businesses were …