Why and When Bounce Rate Really Matters

A website's bounce rate is, by Google's definition, "the percentage of single-page visits," i.e., a user visits one page and then leaves the site. It is a great metric for measuring user interaction and the efficiency of on-site architecture.

In-Flight Safety Videos: The Perfect Marketing Tool

While the majority of in-flight safety videos still classify as boring, a recent trend has emerged. Since 2008, airlines have begun taking a creative approach to delivering in-flight safety instructions.

The Ivy Group is Thankful…

We aren’t thankful for just the turkey. The Ivy Group is thankful to have been in business for 25 years.

Marketers, Put on Your Thinking Caps: A Imaginative Approach to Understanding Target Audiences

How do you analyze, rationalize, visualize? Even though we are products of a shared culture, the way we think is completely our own—uniquely shaped by our personal experiences.

Apostrophes Ain’t Got No Respect

Forget mangled contractions. Put aside rules that pertain to arcane usages. Let’s keep the conversation simple, as in possessives. The rules for apostrophes as possessives are simple. An apostrophe points to an owner, whether single or plural. Think of an apostrophe as an arrow literally pointing to the owner.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Keep the Campaign Fresh

We’re having a lot of fun with the campaign “It’s Always a Good Idea.” Thus far, we’ve rolled out a few different scenarios to keep the campaign fresh.

Facebook Says Hello to Hashtags!

When Twitter first got our attention, we became obsessed with hashtags, even speaking in them! Now, in their “maturity," hashtags have come into their own: even the Facebook behemoth is coming to realize their potential. But do they work on Facebook?
Polar Express Library Event

All Aboard the Polar Express

It may be March, but it's never too early to start planning for the holidays! Schlow Centre Region Library in State College, Pa. has partnered with …

Behind the Scenes: Vision. Strategy. Growth.

Participating in the video production process was a new experience for most of us Ivy Groupies, we had asked them, “What was your experience like?”

Love Your Library Month

February is Love Your Library Month! How can you show your love for your local public library? You could… Write a library love letter to the editor of …

The Awesomeness of Print

Yes, okay, the web is swell and neat. But print? Print is awesome.

H.265 Expands the HD Streaming Video Universe

The International Telecommunications Union has finalized the specifications on the H.265 video standard, which promises to improve over the current codecs by 40-50%.

PR Resolutions to Keep in 2013

From the “better late than never” department, below are some public relations twists on traditional resolutions for 2013.

Celebrating XXV

The Ivy Group turns 25 this year; read about our journey! To celebrate we collected some words of advice from our team members. Anybody can use …

The Ivy Group Turns 25

A strong, women-owned business. Twenty-five years ago, at a time when women-owned businesses were few and far between, the friends decided to go into business together--from …